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Najee (ナジー)
Mind Over Matter (マインド・オーバー・マター)

Released: 2009/8/25 | Label: Shanachie


  1. Love You A Lifetime (3:39)
  2. Sweet Summer Nights (4:09)
  3. Mind Over Matter (4:37)
  4. Love Forever And A Day After (4:51)
  5. We Gone Ride (5:24)
  6. The Journey (6:56)
  7. Stolen Glances (4:33)
  8. Needless To Say (5:31)
  9. One More Thing (5:01)
  10. Moon Over Carolina (6:00)
●Produce, Arranged





Najee (Flute, Sax Alto & Soprano)
Roderick Bonner III (Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizer)
Will Brock (Keyboards, Piano)
Mel Brown, CJ Mercer (Bass)
Richi Valentino (Bass)
John Grant (Guitar Acoustic)
Will Holton (Sax Soprano & Tenor)
John Papenbrook, Jason Rahn (Trumpet)
Andrew Lipman (Trombone)
Jeff Lorber (Bass Electric, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer)
Myron McAdory (Guitar)
Tony Moore (Drums)
Daniel Powell (Drums)
Pino Palladino (Guitar Bass)
Mike Parlett (Sax Alto & Sax Tenor)
Darren Rahn (Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Sax Tenor, Saxophone)
Frank Selman (Guitar)
Dwight Sills (Guitar)
Alvin S. White (Guitar)
Gary Taylor (Vocal)
Lomon Andrews (Vocal)
Eric Benét (Vocal)
Victor Williams (Percussion)
Darryl Woodson (Keyboards, Piano)