Bob Belden's Manhattan Rhythm Club
Purple Rain / パープル・レイン

Released: 1994/1/19
Label: Somethin' Else

Bob Belden's Manhattan Rhythm Club
Prince Jazz / パープル・ジャズ

Released: 1994/7/20
Label: Somethin' Else

Various Artists
Purple Pain

Released: 1996/3/18 (1996/7/21)
Label: Dolores (テイチクエンタテインメント)

Various Artists
Prince Songbook: Symbolism

Released: 1998/5/3
Label: Msi

Various Artists
Party O' The Times A Tribute To Prince

Released: 1999/9/21
Label: Cleopatra

That Skinny Motherfucker With High Voice?

Released: 2001/3/27
Label: Shrimper

Various Artists
If I Was Prince

Released: 2001/11/5
Label: Rex Records

Various Artists
Sexykinkyjazzysmooth Tribute 2 Prince

Released: 2001/9/11
Label: Vitamin

The Music Of Prince

Released: 2002
Label: Millennium Gold

Various Artists
Shockadelica - 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Artist Known As Prince / ショッカデリカ

Released: 2008/6/2
Label: C+C Records

Lorenzo al Dino & Deep Josh feat. Cope
KISS / キッス

Released: 2013/11/22
Label: Royal Plastic

Rockabye Baby!
Lullaby Renditions of Prince / ララバイ・レンディション・オブ・プリンス

Released: 2012/9/25
Label: Rockabye Baby Music

Music Box Mania / ミュージック・ボックス・マニア
Music Box Versions Of Prince ミュージック・ボックス・バージョンズ・オブ・プリンス

Released: 2014/12/9
Label: Roma Music Group

Lullaby Baby
Lullaby Renditions of Prince / ララバイ・レンディション・オブ・プリンス・ヒッツ

Released: 2016/6/23
Label: Harbour Lights